Quickly Enter Billing Codes


Keep a list of your favourite billing codes easily accessible so you can save time and don't need to search for your most commonly used codes.

Frequent Billing Combinations

Common sequences of billing codes can be inserted into a claim with two clicks. The billing codes are copied from a previous claim and include the claim's premium codes and units.

Add, Remove or Change Units

If the copied sequence of billing codes need to have a code added or removed that can be done right from the same screen. The unit of each billing code can also be modified right on the screen.

Track Revenue

Granular Data

Revenue is displayed in a easily accessible format to show past revenue trends and help you forecast your cashflow for the coming months.

Code Analysis

Data mining code displays important stats that provide valuable insights into your claims. We provide custom queries to show you the data that matters most to your work.

Track Progress

The progress rings keep you up to date on your revenue versus daily, weekly and monthly goals.

New Claim

Label Scanning

Use your mobile phone's camera to snap a picture of your patient's OHIP Card or Patient Label to automatically input their demographic data.

Validate OHIP Cards

Validates a patient's OHIP card and version number to ensure you'll get paid. If a card is valid the patient's information will be automatically filled in on the claim.

Save Drafts

Drafts are saved in the cloud for secure storage. You can finish claims at your convenience or just start drafts that can be filled out following a patient visit. Come back to claims when you're ready.

Duplicate Claims

Previously submitted claims can be duplicated easily from the new claim screen. Whether you want to repeat a patient entire claim or simply copy the claim and fill in a new patient's information. The duplicated claim will contain today's date for the service date.

Recent Patients

Choose from your most recent patients to quickly submit claims during rounds or for other recurring patients.

Manage Claims

Organized Claims

Review your claims in a colour coded list to see your claims' status. Sort by date and status to narrow down your searches and get the information you need.


Easily review your rejected claims as they are reported and correct errors instantly so you get paid without delay.


Store your work in progress on our servers and come at your convenience when you're ready to finalize your claim.