IntelAGENT Privacy Policy#

This Privacy Policy outlines how 1876513 Ontario Inc. collect data from users and how it protects and utilizes the information. It also addresses the scope users have as to the collection, correction, transmission, retention and use of the information. It is the policy of 1876513 Ontario Inc. to keep any information gathered through the use of these tools as private. As such, user information is not disclosed or shared to unauthorized third parties except as allowed by Canadian law.

Personal Identifiable Information#

A user has the opportunity to contact 1876513 Ontario Inc. to inquire about any of our services. Users may be asked to submit Personal Identifiable information including such information as name, phone number, or e-mail address. 1876513 Ontario Inc. maintains security/privacy policies to ensure that such information is to be received in strictest confidence and will not be sold to or disclosed to or shared with third parties or any other unauthorized person except in the manner that is provided in this privacy policy. However, 1876513 Ontario Inc. maintains the right to inform users about any change in their administrative policy that may affect information collected or stored.

We may be required to comply with a court order or governmental regulatory requirement or disclose information to our lawyers in connection to legal proceedings or in line with business practices that are ensure quality control and maintain a stable operating system. 1876513 Ontario Inc. reserves the right to use contact information regarding any aspect of their account or the corresponding services and products. Users will have the option to participate or opt out of the optional communications (marketing, press, events) while the mandatory communications (security updates, product announcements/revisions) will go out to all active users.

1876513 Ontario Inc. is not anticipating any changes in corporate status, should we be subject to a l takeover bid, merger, or divestiture of assets, 1876513 Ontario Inc. may disclose, transfer or sell to the surviving or acquiring entity respectively. Personally identifiable information collected online remains subject to applicable legislation and corporate policy

Submission of User Data#

1876513 Ontario Inc. provides a solution whose functionality is based on the intake and retention of clinical and personal information of individuals by our registered users. The clinical and personal information provided or entered by a registered user remains the property of such subscriber. 1876513 Ontario Inc. will not share, sell or otherwise make available such information to unauthorized person. Any disclosure to an unregistered third party shall only be made with the consent of the registered user.

Control of User Data#

Safeguard measures to ensure authorized access include: the use of a username and a password for authentication. The user has the obligation of keeping the password and username safe as well as making sure that any person who has access to view such private information is permitted to do so.


1876513 Ontario Inc. utilize the information gathered for our internal purposes including preparation of billing information and monitoring of systems and infrastructure.

Transactional Information#

Registered users are required to enter sensitive information to complete transactions through our properties. Such information may include credit card information or bank account details. We secure information in accordance to industry standards and appropriate legislation. 1876513 Ontario Inc. is compliant with PCI technology for processing of credit card transactions.

Change in Policy#

1876513 Ontario Inc. reserves the right to make changes, and/or review the covenants contained in this agreement without prior notice to users. Significant efforts will be made to make any changes to this policy available and users will be notified by email of any such changes.

1876513 Ontario Inc. will take all reasonable measures to ensure the integrity of sensitive data submitted in the manner provided for by the terms of service and the privacy policy. We shall proceed to contact the subscribers in the event that we cannot guarantee such integrity. In such an event we shall contact the user by appropriate means. We shall also post the privacy agreement on our website in a manner that the policy can be easily accessed.

Data Retention#

1876513 Ontario Inc. reserves the right (but does not undertake) to reject, suspend, alter, remove or delete data if it breaches our terms and conditions or it is necessary to protect us or others where we have reasonable grounds for believing that a criminal act has been committed, or if required to do so by law or appropriate authority, without notice.

Upon termination of your account you will lose all access to the Service and any portions thereof. After a period of time, at 1876513 Ontario Inc.’s discretion, we will delete any data stored in or as a part of your account(s).

#G overning Law This privacy policy agreement will be governed by the laws that are currently in force in Canada. In the event that this policy is in conflict with the Terms of Use for this website, the Terms of Use shall prevail.

Contact Us#

Registered users may contact us to make enquiries or to the accuracy of their personally identifiable information and to request the update, correction or deletion of such information should they wish to do so. Any query, comments or concerns can be sent to us by email at" or by mail at: 1876513 Ontario Inc. 400 Walmer Rd. Suite 504 Toronto, Ontario M5P 2X7