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IntelAGENT is the best available billing solution for Ontario physicians. The iOS and Android apps are secure, work for all specialties, protect your personal data, and are free for the vast majority of claims.

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IntelAGENT is end-to-end encrypted, the highest standard of data protection.

It has passed conformance testing by the Ontario Ministry of Health and is used by physicians across the province. We are not in the data-harvesting business: Your information is yours alone and will never be sold or used for marketing services.


The IntelAGENT app is simple yet powerful.

We’ve worked with physicians across specialties to ensure we fit their requirements. Our app can be adapted to group practice or your specific needs. We’re an agile, responsive company focussed on physicians. Have a specific concern? Contact us


We’re designed to simplify the physician workflow.

Everything we offer, from our label scanner to our curated billing codes to revenue trackers to instant OHIP card validation, is built around your needs. And all the basic functions are totally free — we only charge for full-service billing reviews — and we are constantly adding new features.

A best-in-class suite of features to speed your billing

OHIP Card Lookup

Quickly validate OHIP cards and automatically populate patient information in new claims.

Recent Patient List

Instantly create claims for frequent and recent patients.

Organized List of Billing Codes

Easily select billing codes from your specialty with our curated menus.

Recommended Premium Codes

Intelligent billing suggestions derived from our database.

Referring Physician Billing Numbers

Lookup a referring physician's billing number in our extensive catalog.

Smart Defaults

Your most frequently used billing codes, diagnoses and locations are prepopulated.

Minimal fees mean you keep more of your money


Submit your claims yourself using all of the app's available features

  • Fix and resubmit rejected claims quickly using the in app tools.
  • Automated Health Card scanning and validation.
  • Use App historical claims and Revenue charting to reconcile payments.



  • Unlimited claims
  • No trial period
  • Email support


A dedicated Billing Agent supports your claims to ensure you received the highest payments.

  • Automatic Version Code Correction.
  • Assisted Remittance Advice Inquiry submission.
  • Payment reconciliation delivered monthly.


2% of paid claims

  • Billing agent
  • Health card correction
  • Detailed reconciliations
  • Remittance advice inquiries

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IntelAGENT is expressly built for physicians like you. Your feedback consistently helps us make the app better.


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