Pricing Overview

Pricing Options#

We have three pricing models for submitting claims to OHIP. The free plan is mobile only and allows you to submit claims to OHIP and manage rejections yourself. The full-service and pay as you go option are optional and only charge you for claims that are successfully paid.

There are no setup fees. There is no contract to sign for any of the plans and you can choose to change plans or cancel at any time with no obligation.

Self-Service Plan#

The self-service plan allows you to control your own billing using the power of full featured mobile app. This option works well for experienced billers or lower volume billers who use a full EMR in their clinics.

For more details see our Free OHIP Billing page page.

Full-Service Plan#

Full-Service billing gives you your own personal Billing Agent to manage all your claims. The billing agent is constantly optimizing your coding to ensure your revenue is maximized, correcting errors to guarantee you get paid on time and provides suggestions for you to maximize your time. The billing agent works with the ministry claims office to ensure disputed claims are reassessed correctly and you are paid for your work.

For more details see our Full-Service OHIP Billing Agent page.

Pay-As-You-Go Billing Agent Servcie#

The pay as you go billing agent service is an option for self-service customers that enjoy using the service for free but occasionally want help for individual claims on a pay-as-you-go basis. We charge a percentage of the recovered claim value for these users. The user gets shown the estimated fees for each claim before they agree to the "pay as you go" service.

For more details see our Pay As You Go Billing Agent page.